About the project

While technological advances have made online learning possible, the recent pandemic proved the triumph of digital and hybrid learning. Yes, we can learn about other cultures and develop even baking skills online! 

The Hybake website is a result of the Erasmus+ project “Creating a hybrid learning model elective course “Holiday pastries of different Europe nations”

(2021-1-EE01-KA220-VET-000025709).  The project aim was to create a student centered and engaging hybrid learning course for baker confectionery studies and pilot the course with students from all partner countries. It also supports enhancement of teachers

and students digital skills through active participation in course creation and piloting. Thirdly the project aimed  to create a strong professional network of teachers, foster international cooperation and enhance participants’ language skills.

Now the project partners from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia invite you to learn more about our national holidays traditions but also improve your skills in the bakery and confectionery field. Please find out the recipes and instructions and put your aprons on!