Buns with caraway seeds (ķimeņu maizītes)

Product weight 1 pieces : 50 g


No.Ingredients Unit Amounts doughAmount for filling
1Wheat flour type 405kg0,300
2Milk 2%l0,150
3Butter 82% kg0,0400,080
4Fresh yeastkg0,015
5Eggpcs./ kg 1 ½/ 0,090
6Sugar kg0,0400,005
8Caraway seedskg0,010

Dough preparation:

Heats the milk to a temperature of +25C°. Stir the yeast and sugar into a little milk.
Wheat flour is sifted,and salt is added to it.
In a bowl, lightly beat the eggs with the rest of the milk.
Pour the milk-yeast-sugar mixture, egg milk mixture into the sifted flour and knead everything
Then add soft butter.The dough is kneaded until it remains smooth and elastic.
Then the dough is rolled into a ball, sprinkled with a little flour .
The dough is placed in the proofer for one hour at a temperature of +34° C .

Filling making:

No.Ingredients Unit Amount
1.Butter 82%kg0,080
2.Sugar kg0,005
4.Caraway seedskg0,010

Butter is mixed with salt, sugar and caraway seeds.


When the dough has risen, it is divided into ten pieces of 55 grams each.
Each piece is rounded and placed on a baking sheet.
The dough balls are stay in proofer 30 minutes.
A hole is made in the middle of the balls of dough.
Brush each dough ball with egg yolk.
Put the caraway seeds – butter filling in each hole.
Bake the buns in the oven at +180 C for 15 minutes.


Oven, sifter for sifting flour, measuring cup for liquid, scales, tablespoon, teaspoon, baking paper, pot, metal bowls, knife, baking pan, brush, fermentation cabinet

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Preretation video of the Buns with caraway seeds: