About the recipe

During the Carnival season, the smell of festive delicacies spreads all over Slovenia; among them, doughnuts (krofi) have a special place. Slovenian ethnologist, Dr Janez Bogataj, says that the roots of doughnuts reach back to imperial Vienna, where court chef Cecilija Krampf was the first to start making them. Cecilija’s recipe gradually spread throughout the entire monarchy. Slovenian doughnuts were somewhat different from the ‘imperial’ ones according to the method of preparation, size and fillings. While doughnuts were fried in melted butter in Vienna, our ancestors fried them in lard and later in oil. Original doughnuts were of irregular shapes with protuberances like claws, from which they got their name. They were also called fanclji.

Donuts are a pastry made from yeast dough, fried in oil. They are filled with a filling, usualy and traditionaly with apricot jam, today also with chocolate or vanilla cream.



  • Wheat flour 1000 g
  • Sugar 100 g
  • Yeast 60 g
  • Butter 75 g
  • Milk powder 40 g
  • Salt 15 g
  • Vanilla sugar 20 g
  • Rum flavor 20 g
  • Lemon flavoring 5 g
  • Eggs M 4 pcs
  • Water 300-400  g      


Ingredients Amounts Unit Sunflower oil or oil for frying 2000-2500 ml


Ingredients Amounts Apricot jam or other spread Of your choice Powdered sugar Of your choice


The room temperature where donuts are prepared should be around 20-25°C and there must be NO draft.


1. Raw materials should stay at a room temperature of 20 – 23°C. Sift the flour to loosen it so that it absorbs better and evenly.

2. Kneading: put all the raw materials in a robotic mixer and mix until the raw materials come together in a suitable consistency (soft and slightly sticky), approx. 10 – 15 min. After kneading, lightly flour the dough, cover, and let it rest in a warm place for 15 minutes.

3. Shaping: divide the dough into smaller pieces (80 g each), form into a ball, place on a floured tablecloth and flatten slightly.

4. Rising: cover the donuts and let them rise in a warm room for 1.5 hours (no draft, constant temperature of 25 °C). The volume doubles when rising. The risen donuts should be light to touch. You can uncover the risen donuts to get a crust on top – this will protect them from flattening.

5. Preparation of the oil: a half an hour before baking, start heating the oil evenly and gradually (use sunflower oil or frying oil). The oil temperature must be between 170 – 175 °C. Check with a thermometer or a wooden spoon (dip the handle of the spoon into the oil and bubbles should slowly rise next to it). This way you know that the temperature of the oil is suitable for frying and you may try the first doughnut. There should be enough oil in the container so that the donut floats and does not touch the bottom of it.


1. Amount of the frying oil: a pot diameter 24 cm, height 10 cm (approx. 80 g), about 2 liters of oil.

2. Place the donuts in hot oil with the risen side down, so the fried donuts will also have a nice bright rim.

3. Fry for 3-3.5 minutes on each side.

4. Place the fried donuts on a tray covered with a paper towel to absorb the oil residue.

FILLING AND SPRINKLING 1. Fill the still warm donuts with jam or any other filling and sprinkle them with the powdered sugar.