Slovenian rolled cake (Potica)

About the recipe

Potica is ranked number one in Slovenian traditional holiday pastries. It is made from folded and rolled out yeast dough and filled with various fillings. Slovenian housekeepers are happy to bake it even outside the holiday season to pamper their loved ones.

We know of more than 80 different fillings placed in the dough, which is where Potica got its name. Typical Slovenian Potica fillings include walnuts, hazelnuts, tarragon, poppy, cheese and others.

This is a holiday pastry baked in a baking tray or directly on the fire. The baking tray used to bake Potica (also called a “potičnik”), which has a cone-shaped mould in the middle, was developed using baking trays for the German yeast-based cake Gugelhupf.



  • Wheat flour 330 g
  • Butter 40 g
  • Sugar 40 g
  • Egg Yolks (2) 40 g
  • Yeast 26 g
  • Eggs M 1 pcs
  • Sour cream 30 pcs
  • Vanilla sugar 10 g
  • Lemon peel 10 g
  • Salt 5 g
  • Warm milk (30 °C) 100-150 g      


  • Walnuts 400 g
  • Sugar 100 g
  • Eggs M 1 pcs
  • Egg whites 2 pcs
  • Sweat cream or milk 200 g
  • Vanilla sugar 10 g


  • Powdered sugar 10 g
  • Vanilla sugar 10 g



1.  Crush the yeast, add a teaspoon of sugar, 70 g of milk, some flour and leave it to rise. Let it rise until it doubles in volume, about 10-15 minutes.

2. Let it rise until it doubles in volume, about 10-15 minutes.


1. Mix some warm milk, sugar, vanilla sugar, egg yolks, cream, salt, lemon peel, butter and mix it well.

2.  Form a well in the flour and add the yeast mixture (let it rise to double volume).

3. Then add the rest of the ingredients.

4. Knead the dough until it is smooth and flexible, with a suitable consistency. Not too soft and not too hard.

5. Weigh the dough to a mass of 2 x 250 g and shape it into loaves. Cover it, let it rest and rise for 30 minutes at room temperature or in a rising chamber at 27°C. The dough should double in volume.


1. Grind the walnuts.

2. Steam the ground walnuts and sugar with boiling cream or milk.

3. Add the egg when the mixture has cooled.


1. When the dough has risen enough, roll it into a rectangular shape.

2. In size 25 cm x 20 cm at a thickness of 3 mm.

3. Spread the filling and shape the dough in a roll. Place it in a well-greased and floured baking tray.

4. Cover it, place it in a warm place and leave it to rise for about 25 minutes (double volume).

5. Before baking, pierce well (so that the filling does not separate from the dough), brush with the yolk, to which you have added some liquid butter.

6. Bake potica at 180 °C for 45 minutes.

7. After baking, leave it to cool in the tray and cover it. When cooled sprinkle it with the powdered sugar.