Izobraževalni center (IC) Piramida Maribor



About the institution

The Educational Centre Piramida Maribor is the central educational center in the field of food and nutrition in NE Slovenia. The center is develop-ment-oriented, internationally recognized, with an emphasis on professionalism and innovation. We provide education for various professions across the entire vertical.

The center consists of three units:

• Secondary School of Food and Nutrition,

• Higher Vocational College,

• Intercompany Training Centre.

After successfully completing secondary school, students get a job or continue their studies at our Higher Vocational College and obtain the title of engineer of food and nutrition. The centre is perfectly equipped, it includes modern special classrooms, laboratories, a library, an amphitheater lecture hall, a dining hall etc. Our specialty is also our own pastry teaching shop. At our centre, we have everything to provide students with excellent conditions for professional, safe, and pleasant education for professions that are more in demand every day and that will always be needed.

School web page: https://www.icp-mb.si/