Kuldīgas Tehnoloģiju un tūrisma tehnikums



About the institution

The centre of professional competences Kuldiga Technology and tourism technical school is a state school , founded in 1989, situated in a small and old town Kuldiga in the western part of Latvia. There are 540 students and 75 staff.

School works with students and adult persons in different curriculums full time, part time, long distance learning, life long learning and nonformal learning.

School since 2002 works with deaf and dumb persons, too , which are integrated among other students.

Students after the graduated elementary school (age of 16 years) or secondary school(age of 19)can study curriculums of car mechanics, car diagnostics, logistic, furniture designing and making, restoring, specialist of timber CNC, specialists of catering and restaurant services, cook, confectionary, waiters/waitresses, SPA specialist, manicure and pedicure specialist,ecotourism specialist, tourism information administrator, tourism commerce.

Each curriculum has a laboratory or a workshop where students acquire professional skills and competences. School has well equiped canteen where students have practise.

There are included innovations or additional competences in each curriculum what does not offer other schools in our country: Volvo Truck in the car mechanics’ curriculum, CNC – furniture designing, AMADEUS international reservation system – tourism service, R-keeper – catering and confectionary.

School since 2010 is the member of (AEHT) Association of European hotels and tourim schools (international code LV04) and has already won several golden, silver and bronze medals during international competitions among schools from more than 34 countries – in each of nominations in cooking, confectionary, waiters and tourism commerce.

Since 2012 school is the UNESCO Latvia asossiated school.

School works into different international projects and programmes since 1994- Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Socrates, Comenius, Youth, Bosch, Visby, Erasmus, Erasmus +, Arion, Nordplus and others. School has partnership with schools or enterprises in Lithuania, Slovakia, Check republic, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Scotland, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Bulgaria.

School has the students’ choir, folk dance group and de file group.

Our furniture designing student during competition of wooden engraving sculptures.

Address : Liepajas street 31, Kuldiga, LATVIA, LV 3301

Phone/fax 371 6 3324082