Utena Regional Centre of Educational Training



About the institution

The history of the school started on 1 September, 1983. It was a new, 58th secondary vocational school. 162 students entered the school that year. They could choose the following specialties: food industry machinery adjuster; meat cutter and sausage shaper; cheese producer and shaper; tractors, automobiles, farming machinery locksmiths-mechanics; unskimmed and sour milk products master.

On 1 July, 2000 the higher Farm and Food Industry School was reorganised and Utena Regional Centre of Educational Training was established.

Now the centre provides students with basic and secondary education as well as vocational training. The students can choose the following specialties: cook, food industry worker, automobile mechanic, welder, confectioner, accountant, hairdresser and others. Our students become specialists of high qualification and are able to compete in changeable labour market.

The centre has some deep traditions. A lot of various contest, festivals and other events are organised by the teachers and students. Some students are very eager to organise festivals or to take parts in sport competitions. The most active students have possibilities to have their practices abroad as the centre is a very active participant and applicant of the Erasmus + projects.

Utena regional centre of educational training is a modern education institution that pays a lot of attention to the team work, gaining new competences, qualification improvement and harmonious personality formation.

School webpage: https://www.utenos-kolegija.lt/